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MakeWindow includes of high experienced companies in the field of UPVC and Aluminum doors and windows which together are aiming to provide a full package to response the needs of the doors and windows manufacturers.

We, in this group, supply our customers: the UPVC and Aluminum door and window machineryinsulated glasses machinery, all requirements in establishing the above mentioned Ateliers and factories, the UPVC and Aluminum profiles, accessories of the doors and windows, raw materials of the double/multi- glaze glasses production.

We believe that our customers are our permanent partners and our activity and success will continue if we had a constructive interaction by them. Therefore, we put the followings in the frontispiece of our duties: supply the technical knowledge and installing and commissioning and production of doors and windows, technical support and overcoming on deficiencies and problems which our customers may have.

Increasing the knowledge of our loyal customers is the key for guaranteeing their and our growth and will improve both parts' business. In this way we will add the Persian, Kurdish, French, Arabic and Russian version of our website and services in the rest of this year.

Our products are being used in several countries by our customers.



Our mission is to create a reliable reference for supplying the requirements of the door and window industry. 
We aim to be in the top of this industry by providing high quality products and services with good prices.

Our key mission is to improve the quality of the doors and windows made by our customers.

We will gain this by making available the qualified machinery, qualified raw materials and required technical knowledge.

Developing the double glazing door and window industry in the world especially in developing countries regarding to help to decrease the global warming effects, beside our business is of our main goals.




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