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DE4050 Manual Triple Drill Copy Routing Machine

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For opening holes of door handles, sash fastener channels and espagnolette on PVC and Aluminium profiles.
Copy Router drill;
Opens holes of sash fastener channels, espagnolette and lock holes on PVC and Aluminium profiles.
Adjustable to 4 different depth with mechanical adjustment stopers.
Both 5 mm and 8 mm drills can be used thanks to two level copy pin system.
Manually controlled by guidance of pursuit piece on template.
Triple Drilling Group;
Opens handle holes on pvc and aluminium profiles
Manual movement by arm
Pneumatic Profile Clamping System
Electropneumatic control
Copy routing ratio is 1:1.
Opens canals on two axis without template thanks to thrust miles
Copy Router motor working with only one button
Absolute safety against accidents thanks to CE Certificated Safety Components
Manual measurement system
• 40020 Cutting Oil Spray System
• 15431 Manual measurement system - Right
• 18134 Manual measurement system - Left
• 15463 Centering device ( hand-wheel driven).

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