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DE4080 Triple Drill Milling and Reinforcement Steel Screwdriver with Automatic Measurement System

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For opening holes of door handle, espagnolette on PVC sash profiles together with reinforcement steel.
Centering and manual measuring system which combined in one design.
Substantive movement of triple drilling and milling motors by means of election button
With mechanic break system which lets you to set 6 different position for triple drilling group
Hydropneumatic sytstem which enables excellent triple drilling process on PVC profiles with reinforcement steel
Adjustable drilling movement speed
Screw dimensions: 3,5 - 4,2 body diameter, 6,3 - 8,1 mm head diameter, 15 – 40 mm length
Inserting the screws in batches (approx. 0,7 kg screws )
Possibility to set the screwing point
Possibility to set the screwing force
Automatic Screw Feeding
Pneumatic profile pressing system
Operation with foot pedal
Working not allowed without profile by means of profile perception switch for safety
Working not allowed without profile by means of profile perception switch for safety
DS400 - Digital measurement system for screwdriver unit
Digital measurement and screwing
Working with barcode / Working with CF Card
Automatic screwing up to 3,2 meters profiles
Working with maximum screw range upon request.
Working by entering number of screws upon request
Opportunity to see total thrown screw number ..etc. thanks to production reports

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