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Many Type Wedges
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Cod Product  
PG060 Glass Wedge-Thin  PG060
PG061 Glass Wedge-Medium  PG061
PG062 Glass Wedge-Thick-Easy-bent  PG062
PG063 6000 Glass Wedge Thin  PG063
PG064 6000 Glass Wedge Medium  PG064
PG065 6000 Glass Wedge Thick  PG065
PG066 Large Glass Wedge Thick  PG066
PG067 Large Glass Wedge Medium  PG067
PG068 Large Glass Wedge Thick  PG068
PG090 Sill Connector  PG090
PG091 Mullion Connector Window  PG091
PG092 Cprner Connectors  PG092
PG093 Izolating Plug For Sliding Systems  PG093
PG094 18 mm Adjustable Glass Wedge  PG094
PG095 24 mm Adjustable Glass Wedge  PG095
PG096 28-32mm adjustable Glass Wedge  PG096

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